Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Monday! What are YOU reading!? (#2)

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Each week I will be posting what I am currently reading, what I will be reading next, and what I want to read if I finish both of those! Here's to hoping it keeps me on track!

Last week was pretty hectic for me and the weekend was insanely busy so I sadly did not get to read as much as I wanted to.

Currently Reading:

So this was the second book I was supposed to read LAST week but didn't end up starting it until last night. Hopefully I can finish it by Tuesday and get a little bit a head.

Up Next:

I've heard really good things about this one. I am actually late with reading and reviewing it so it looks like this is up next!!

If I Have Time:

Here is another one I have for review. I'm a little late on this one as well but I am determined to catch up! All the reviews I've seen this far are making me a little nervous but I've been surprised in the past so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to read The Hunger Games because I haven't yet but I am trying to be good and catch up on review books for the next week or two. I have stopped requesting books through Goodreads groups until I have caught up and read a few books of my choosing.

Now let me know what YOU are reading this week!!

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